A beauty project

A carefully selected idea

The continuous research of new effective and sustainable solutions for our superior quality products has always been driven by innovation. Quality is sought in all phases of the company process, from the purchase of raw materials, always traceable, to the delivery of the finished product, trying to minimize the environmental impact resulting from the processing cycles and supply chain. In this purpose, the company is certified by the ICEC Institute for the traceability of finished sheep and goat skins from Africa, Europe and the Middle East with an excellent degree of traceability to the countries of breeding [Download certificate].n For us, to be socially responsible means going beyond legal obligations, investing more and more in human resources and the environment. This commitment is embodied in the adoption of the Leather Working Group environmental audit protocol [Download certificate], and the UNIC Code of Conduct and Social Responsibility [Download certificate].
Research, development and interpretation
A professional tanning in-house team, consisting of experienced and skilled craftsmen, works in collaboration with every supply chain operator and with the best Italian and international departments to interpret visions and to study the designers’ and companies’ demands in order to produce extremely innovative high fashion products. In this regard, the company carries out several quality tests both on its own and making use of specialized laboratories. For instance: – Xeno test – Tape measure test – Tensile testing – Tear resistance test – Color fastness test – Veslic test – Water drop test
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