Shaping ideas

Creative input

A wide range of sheep and goat skins for footwear, leather goods and garment is able to satisfy the needs dictated by international designers and style departments worldwide, ensuring high quality and excellent traceability of raw materials.

A thorough analysis of fashion trends, a strategic and technological dialogue with the entire fashion industry, underlie the research activities and testing innovation processes but also the evolution of each season’s collections.

Personalized projects

D.L. Leather constantly invests in resources and operating units for the development of projects and personalized articles. The goal is to provide a department to our partners that is able to respond promptly to product and fashion needs but also to trends of the fashion system.


The power of nature

Leaves and barks of the trees are used to extract natural tannins that are able to give permanent preservation and a timeless look to the articles of the vegetable leather range. It is a tanning technique that combines advanced technology and natural-based tanning ingredients. The result is a a sturdy, soft and flexible skin, available in a wide range of natural colors.

DL Metal Free

Safe and versatile

A metal free product, environmentally conscious and respectful of human health. Firmness, roundness, resistance to tearing and tensile are typical of the chrome tanning, but are also found today in the range of DL Metal Free articles.

Fashion project

We plan ahead to inspire trends

A creative lab with the aim of testing and contrasting finishing and tanning techniques. Inspirations, influences, trends analysis, technology and manual skills come together to generate a collection capable of inspiring the biggest designers and style departments of italian and international fashion industry.

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