Life, work, responsibility.

Share values to create values.

Care for people, territory, employees, consumer, families and local communities in which we operate is what we mean by social responsibility.

The D.L. Leather sustainability approach is built on the “Share values to create values” corporate and social responsibility strategy.

Creating a shared value is a practice that touches the entire production cycle : it goes from the respect and care of the communities of the countries where we pick our raw hides, to places where those materials are turned into leather goods for the fashion industry.

Our integrated environment, traceability and conduct policy is certified.
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ICEC Certification
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In harmony with creation


Care for people is not just a value for D.L. Leather, it is a daily practice focused on the harmony with our surroundings which is grounded in a profound sense of responsibility that goes beyond the business purpose. We share and recognize legality, confidentiality, honesty and correctness, integrity and valorization of people, care and satisfaction of the client, creation of value and responsibility towards the community, and the absolute transparency. This vision takes shape by creating stable and lasting products, functional well-being of people, in addition to the design.


One of our company’s priorities is to improve and monitor the impact of our activities along the supply chain, and to do so we pursue a sustainable supply of raw materials. The company is committed to make every product (even up to the batches) traceable, and to produce with a complete respect for the environment. This is why we only use the best available technologies, efficiently use energy, materials and natural resources, and we responsibly and sensibly consume water resources. Being aware of this responsibility, D.L. Leather purse a strong commitment to minimize the environmental impact of raw materials that go from the manufacturing facilities to the logistic, along the value chain.

Our environmental management system (EMS) complies with the international standard ISO 14001:2015.
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