Excellence has deep roots

A family passion since 1986

The history of the D.L. Leather tannery is a journey full of successes. It was founded by Donato Lanzara back in 1986, and it has become a global company that combines the passion for craftsmanship and technological innovation.

The strategic and technological dialogue with the entire fashion industry which includes clients, contractors, suppliers and employees, has been for a long time the main industrial growth tool able to provide effective and sustainable solutions for all products.

Nowadays, the company is led by Pietro Lanzara with the same values of his father Donato, aiming to reach even more ambitious achievements. The company vision is still built on solid family values wherein inspiration and motivation are stronger than ever.

“Quality made by people”

Technology, craftsmanship, loyalty and trust

Italian manual skill and craftsmanship are found in the beauty of our artifacts, our culture and our identity. The history of our territory and its communities mold the Made in Italy mark throughout each passage of the productive chain.

Therefore, it is vital to preserve the legacy of the manual skills that are passed from generation to generation both in D.L. Leather and the tanning district in Solofra. The primary goal of our employment strategy is to establish ties of trust that last over time, inspired by professional growth and the recognition of merit.

The use of the most advanced technology allows us to combine handcraft and creativity at a higher level. That’s how the necessary balance to develop modern, innovative and high quality products, is achieved.

The constant attention towards the fashion industry demands is the foundation of our company policy, which is based on utmost transparency and excellent quality.

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