Press review: Interview on STYLE MODA PELLE of June 2020

Always at the service of the customer
D.L. Leather produces quality leathers for compact footwear, clothing and leather goods, designed to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Based in the tanning district of Solofra (Province of Avellino), D.L. Leather is a very appreciated reality in the production of leather for the fashion industry, in particular footwear, leather goods and clothing: a young and dynamic company that offers its customers a punctual and professional service, as well as a constant commitment in the development of customized solutions, able to satisfy any kind of creative need. Moreover, thanks to the modern internal laboratory, the company’s technicians can test every single product, so that they can always guarantee the highest quality and performance standards. The owner, Pietro Lanzara, told us about the origins and distinctive features of this all-Italian reality.

When was the company born? And does its name have a particular meaning?
The tannery was founded in Solofra in 1986, so it has more than thirty years of experience in the sector, a family business now in its second generation. The name recalls the initials of its founder, owero my father, who is still present in the company today, where he takes care of the financial part. I, on the other hand, am the director and follow the commercial branch.

What is the distinctive feature of this company?
It is a young company, especially in terms of average age of employees: in fact, there has been an important generational change, since the old workers who joined the company with my father have gradually retired, replaced by new recruits. To date, we are about thirty people and the average age is around 29 years. This is something I am very proud of. Your core business?
I would say the clothing sector, which represents, to date, 60% of our turnover, while the remaining 40% is leather goods and footwear.

What are your reference markets?
We sell both abroad and in Italy, in terms of percentages, the domestic market is around 60-65%, while foreign destinations represent 35-40% of revenues. One of our objectives is to strengthen our presence abroad, especially in the medium-high segment.
Are you able to manage the entire production process internally?
Yes, we are a pure tannery. We start from the raw material and go all the way to the finished article, with all the related and connected processes. Everything is managed internally.


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