DL Leather also triumphs in Sanremo and Eurovision with Måneskin

DL Leather also triumphs in Sanremo and Eurovision with Måneskin
The victory of Måneskin first at the Sanremo Festival, then at the Eurovision Song Contest, in addition to decreeing the success of Italian rock, marks the triumph of Made in Italy fashion with the Tannery DL Leather.

After the LeManuel suit made with DL Leather, worn by Morgan in the Sincero video clip presented in tandem with Bugo at the Sanremo Festival last year, it is the turn of Måneskin.

The rock group, in fact, showed off in Sanremo garments in Etro python print made with items produced in our Tannery. While, on the occasion of the music festival organized annually by the members of the European Broadcasting Union, they wore four rock suits designed by the stylist Veronica Etro with her brother Kean and Nicola Cerioni, made in the laboratories of Chiros Industrie in Fossalta di Portogruaro (Venice).
Four rock looks united by the high quality made in Italy and personalized style. In a recent interview with Gq Italia, the designer Veronica Etro explained that each outfit is the result of a long experimentation on unexpected materials and cuts. The result is a perfect mix of laminated leather with contrasting platinum criss cross details and applied studs in burnished metal, which leaves the chest uncovered for men and offers a deep V-neck for Victoria.

Damiano David, Victoria De Angelis, Thomas Raggi and Ethan Torchio therefore sported four personalized looks linked by the same aesthetics and high quality of the leathers by DL Leather.

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